Recycled Double Dutch

Classic, Dutch-style double panniers for your daily urban rides. These simple double bags sit across your bike's rack and attach with easy Velcro straps. Meant to stay on your bike all the time to spare you the hassle of constant removal, they fold flat against the rack when empty. Just like it's single-bag cousin UP1, we make the UP2 double bags primarily from recycled rice and feed bags inside and out. Each bag has its own removable raincover. And no two UP2 look alike.

  •     waterproof, recycled polypro rice + feed bags used inside and out
  •     simple Velcro strap rack attachment
  •     reflective patches on front + side panels
  •     rear blinky tab
  •     removable raincovers

USE  :: everyday riding - shopping - commuting

SIZE :: 11x12x6 in / 28x31x16 cm - ea bag

VOL  :: ~80 in3 /  ~13 L - ea bag

WT   :: 1 lbs 12 oz  /  800 gr - pair

Collections: Shop USA, Urban Bike Bags

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