soft hard-shell bike bag

Molded EVA foam makes a way sweet "hard-shell" pannier that's actually soft. No clanking, no rattles. Just a sturdy, waterproof bucket with a snug fitting lid to keep your stuff bone dry - or to keep your PBRs chilled in a load of ice!  The lid is completely removable for bulky loads. Features our new and improved FlipKlips for easy attachment to your bike's rack.

  • waterproof molded EVA
  • anodized aluminum frame
  • removable lid
  • removable shoulder strap
  • insulates and cushions your load
  • easy attachment to your bike's rack
  • fits 2 growlers with ice


USE  :: daily grind, around town shopping, beach cruisin' bag, keepin' it cool
SIZE :: 13.5x16x6.5 in
VOL  :: ~1100 in3
WT   :: 2 lbs 6 oz

Collections: Shop USA, Urban Bike Bags

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