waterproof urban bike pack

Minimalist waterproof gear locker for your back. Welded  seams and a way phat TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) laminated fabric mean total protection from rain and road spray.  Roll closure top lets you shrink the bag to fit the load. Lightweight mesh shoulder harness is perfect for short hops around the hood.  We kept it simple to hold down the price of admission to the temple of "waterproof". We made it funky to fit into our hood.

  •     waterproof welded seams
  •     dry-bag-style roll closure
  •     front key pocket with spray-proof zipper
  •     lightweight mesh shoulder harness

USE  :: a bike pack for the wet Pacific NW - can be used rafting as well

VOL  :: 2000 in3

DIM  :: ~22x15x6 in

WT   :: 14 oz

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