Upcycled Chic

Recycled Rice Bags - a durable re-purposed bag lining

Recycled rice bags in a warehouse.Polypropylene is a strong, flexible, durable and light-weight plastic that enjoys widespread use in packaging around the world.
In Asia you see it used everywhere, especially in its woven and laminated form as rice, feed, and seed bags. It is common to see three, four, five 50kg bags of rice piled on a scooter or motorbike for delivery. And because these bags are so tough and durable, there is a thriving market in recycled ones.

At KoKi Bags, we think these recycled and re-purposed bags are an excellent choice for lining material and we use them in virtually our entire program of KoKi bike bags. We sort them by size and color, cut them open and clean them and then incorporate them into our bags.

Since they are recycled, no two KoKi bags are alike – on the inside.