Pannier, panniers, bags, boxes, baskets, saddlebags...containers for carrying stuff on your bike, your horse, your mule...

Pannier :: French, derived from Latin, meaning "bread basket". A bit difficult to pronounce for the English tongue perhaps, but somehow poetic, since bread and bike roll together (with apologies to the gluten intolerant). 
Panniers come in all shapes and sizes. We make a distinction between the more purpose-built bike touring species – PANNIERS - and the more "everyday" kind of commuting, shopping and around-town cycling bags – URBAN BIKE BAGS.
Not that a full set of panniers isn't suitable for your daily-grind in urban-space. It may do quite nicely, but a pair may be one more bag than you need. Panniers are typically sold in pairs, most of our Urban Bike Bags come in singles. It's a bike-style choice you can make.
We offer two styles of construction for panniers: sonically welded, waterproof by construction, or sewn seams that include a separate waterproof raincover. 
For committed bicycle commuting or touring, no matter what the weather, nothing beats a solid pair of waterproof, welded panniers. Miles from nowhere, or at the office, is not the time to discover that your gear is a tad soaked. Traditional, sewn-seam panniers have a lower price of admission, and that may also be an important factor when outfitting for your daily commute or your summer cross-country.
Road Tip: If you have sewn-seam panniers we recommend lining the inside of your panniers with a large leaf bag for extra insurance, even with the included raincover  – an old bike touring standby.