Bike Packs

Carry your gear on your back, instead of on your bike's rack

Its a personal choice. Sometimes a pack is a better solution, but only a pack built with cycling in mind.
Forget those shapeless book bag cheapos from the big box store. They didn't feel good when your Mom sent you to school with one, and they'll feel even worse when you're riding a bike. Actually, they'll feel like a sack of potatoes on your back, cut into your shoulders with their poorly padded straps, restrict your breathing with their bad geometry and drench your back in sweat. They are not designed for bike riding. 
We developed our AIRMAX packs around the idea that bike pack should be as comfortable as possible when you're riding, and not obstruct your breathing, cooling and balance on the bike. The mesh back panel of our AIRMAX system is tensioned with the help of a molded HDPE (high density polyethylene - eminently recyclable btw) frame sheet. This creates a large wind tunnel across your back. The cool, breathable mesh rides against your back and the hot fabric of the pack stays far away. It's like built-in air conditioning. You stay cool and comfortable and you hardly feel the pack (well, depending on what you're lugging around). Our AIRMAX system is a sweet solution for hauling stuff on your back.